Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fiestas Patrias Feast

Yesterday was our annual lunch and game day in celebration of Peru's independence day which is today July 28th.
On Friday we did all the shopping.  It takes a lot of food to feed 100+ people.  GeGe hires a neighbor lady to do the cooking but everyone helps.
 Rosa chopping onions for the puca.
 Her son Elvis grating the beets that give puca the red color.
 Carrots and beets cooking.
 Peeling potatoes.  LOTS of potatoes.
 Maya getting in on the peeling party.
 Lots of rice.
 The puca almost ready to eat.
Preparing the beet, onions, and carrot salad.

Pork sizzling over the fire.

Time to wash up for lunch.

 Staff serves all the kids.  Here is Maya.
 Amanda runs her own non-profit working with the women in the prison here in Ayacucho.  We were so happy she could spend the day with us.
 Time to eat!!!

After everyone had eaten it was time for chicha morada.  Chicha is a sweet drink made from dried purple corn.  The corn is boiled and then sugar, lemons, cinnamon, and sometimes apples are added.  It is an amazing drink.  Hilda makes it in a large trash can.  Lucky for us we still have some left over in our fridge today.  The kids all had at least 3 glasses and the grown ups lost count of how much we drank.
Hilda stirring the chicha.  
The purple corn cobs after boiling.
  I've had chicha other places but Hilda's is always the best.
Amanda and Maya

After lunch it was time for games.
 Here is a game board that Maya made.  The kids threw balls and tried to get them in the holes.

One of the most fun games is kids blindfolded trying to feed each other this sticky jello/pudding type food.  It gets EVERYWHERE but not much actually in their mouths.  

After an hour or so of games the middle school girls danced for us.  They were adorable.

Yohan getting in on the action.

When the girls were done dancing all the kids starting chanting for GeGe to dance.  How could she refuse?

 Finally it was time to say good-bye.  It was a great day with so many happy kids.

Happy Independence Day Peru!  I feel lucky to be here.  Hope this finds you all well!  C

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  1. Love all the great photos and commentary! Thanks for sharing this unique (to us) celebration! Love you.....