Monday, July 29, 2013

Visit to Wari and Quinua

Today started off normal enough.  We had our coca tea and then left to go into town.  We passed Marcia and Mayumi who asked to have their picture taken.  Who could refuse those two?
When we got to town we spotted Alejandro and the big double decker yellow bus that lives in our yard.  Alejandro is the driver. We went to say hi and asked him where he was going.  He said Wari and Quinua.  Maya and I casually mentioned that we had never been there and before we knew it we were on the bus, with GeGe's blessing to skip work and headed out on an adventure.

The drive was breathtakingly beautiful.  A gorgeous sunny day in the Andes.

 The Wari lived between 600-1100 AD, before the Inkas.  Here are pictures from the museum and the ruins.

 Lots of tuna cactus.
 A sacrificial bed.

 View of the Andes from Wari.

 Me and more tuna.

 We left Wari and proceeded on to Quinua.

 Quinua is significant because in 1824 the Battle of Ayacucho was fought there.  It was the battle that secured the independence of Peru and ensured independence for the rest of South America. In Peru it is considered the end of the Spanish American wars of independence. There is a beautiful (huge) obelisk commemorating the battle.

 Me, you can see my blue bag, on the stairs.

 We invited Alejandro to lunch.  We knew the bus would not leave without us since he is the driver.  He is also the dad at the house where we stay and an incredibly nice man.
 Food and crafts for sale in front of the obelisk.

Quinua is known for its pottery.  The houses all have beautiful works of art on top reflecting qualities of the people that live in them.  For example the churches on top indicate that the inhabitants are Catholic.  There are others pieces indicating that artists live there etc.  The pieces are intricate and stunning.  Here are a few.

 This was for sale in a shop. No I didn't buy it. :)

 Amazing detail

We saw this kitty with such bright green eyes.  Any cat living among so many dogs must be brave.  After our visit to Quinua we got back on the bus and with Peruvian music playing made our way home to Ayacucho.  No picture could do justice to the beauty that is the Andes.
 We returned to Ayacucho very happy for the adventure.  The sun was casting a beautiful light over the square.
Another shot in town Ayacucho.

What a great day and what an amazing world we live in.  We missed being with the kids today but we will be back to the routine tomorrow.  Wish you all could have been with us for our adventure.  Bedtime for me.  Peace and love  C

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  1. Thank you Carrie and Maya for taking us on the tour of two cities and civilizations past! Fascinating photos and distant peoples. Enjoyed this so much! Love you......